The Sacred Act of Honoring the Menopause Transition

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If you've been around for a while, you know I got my start in the fitness industry as a protege of Patricia Moreno (click here for a 10 min experience with her), who was not only one of the most revolutionary fitness personalities of her time, but also deeply in tune with her inner world. Studying with her validated what I knew in my bones to be true: Movement and caring for your body is a sacred act.

Somewhere along the line, I got a little disconnected from my spiritual side (probably the corporate fitness job, where I was conditioned to be data driven, practical and strategic, unknowingly squelching my intuition when it went against what looked good on paper). And only recently have I started poking around again into my old habits that feel so, so good. As it turns out, many of those habits, like journaling, visualization, and meditation, also happen to be salves for stress in perimenopause.

Going through menopause is a POWERFUL and major transition in our lives. It's also Women's Health Month, and the perfect time to give ourselves a little extra care. I am feeling called to draw from my wise, deeply feminine power, lean into the magic of it all, and channel my inner strength too. Doesn't that sound awesome? 

Yesterday I was reflecting on how to do this. And out of that reflection came the idea for the Menopause Manifestation Hour. A cozy, delicious Saturday morning live session in our comfiest clothes, on the mat for some breath work, meditation, stretching, and journaling. I'm trying it out with you all for the first time this weekend, so if you're interested, head to my store and register!

When I think of Patricia, it's pretty devastating that she didn't live long enough to really explore the throes of menopause, but I know she would be doing this work if she were here. She is with me all the time, sending me nudges and messages from the other side. I believe she is with me at this moment, giggling and jumping up and down and saying "FIIIIINALLY!" in her throaty, chocolatey voice. And I'm grateful to be going through my menopause transition, because although it sure does suck some days, my beloved Patricia didn't get to experience it at all, and I believe that even in struggle, we learn so much about ourselves. I'm happy to be putting this out there in honor of Patricia's influence. And while I very much live in the practical and evidence based world of menopause coaching, I really do believe in magic and manifesting and that which we just can't explain. And I have a hunch that combining the practical and the etherial is a pretty enticing combination. 

Thank you for letting me be my weird self! I'm learning it is the only way to go.

Big hugs,


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