Thoughts on my 48th Birthday

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Erika wearing "Ain't No Party Like a Menoparty" hoodie

Today is my birthday! I have been on this planet for 48 years.

I woke up to flowers and presents and the best homemade card from Anna, and once I dropped her off at school, I settled into my journal for a little birthday entry. I've decided to share a snippet with you:

"I'm trying to make sense of how I can feel content and yet eager at the same time. I feel no charge around turning another year older- only gratitude for being here and being healthy. Like I have everything I need but am also open and ready for more. Feeling desire to nest and make my world beautiful and uniquely mine, leading with what feels good and right. Creating space to listen to my innermost thoughts and hear my internal guidance system. I want to expand my inner world while clearing out my outer world. Shine up and restore what has been forgotten, and make use of what I have, delighting in small things."

I share this all to say that I am tremendously grateful for this community we've built over the past nine months (wow, not even a year!). I feel so aligned and present to the work we do. 

You know, since leaving my big corporate fitness production job at the end of 2022, I've had many ego-driven thoughts of how I should be doing "more" with my career- plastering my name on high profile projects with well known brands, leading teams of dozens, securing likes and bragging rights with resume-building leaps. But a little voice inside my head kept whispering, "just because you can doesn't mean you should." And I listened. I watched my colleagues catapult into visible success while I sat still and listened, took in the information I was being given, and forged ahead quietly and on my own.

It didn't (and often doesn't) feel like the easy way through. But here I am, a year and change later, designing my work and my life in tandem, heeding the inner calling and feeling more content than I have in years. My work with you is deeply fulfilling, energizing and FUN. And I feel like I am making a positive difference in my little world, be it with my clients or my family, who I am able to prioritize with my flexible schedule and ensure everyone feels heard.

So, on my birthday I just want to say thank you for being part of the most fulfilling part of my life so far. I look forward to what we create together as the years tick on.

Lots of love,


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